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“Recovery is predicated on aligning your life with your values, and you aren’t going to be able to align anything until you know who you are.”

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Focusing on what truly matters

Welcome! I work with Autistic & Neurodivergent people seeking interactive therapy to address core life issues. My approach is warm, collaborative, and person-centered, with a focus on exploring self and finding meaning. I prioritize interactivity and aim to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to gain insights and build resilience. As your therapist, we work together to find strategies that honor your neurodivergent identity and help you thrive.

I specialize in neurodivergence-affirming therapy and trauma treatment. My goal is to help you create a life that will allow you to emerge with a newfound clarity and presence. Trauma, anxiety, and depression can steal the joy from daily life. We work together to bring joy back into your life.

I provide therapy that is neurodivergent affirming; LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and transgender-affirming, and BIPOC-affirming. Although you may be facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, therapy offers a non-judgmental space for you to achieve new insights that can dramatically change your quality of life for the better. I see it happen every day.

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